We love trees. How can we not! Trees are amazing. They offer great benefits to any homeowner, any neighborhood, and city. These benefits include beauty, shade, cooling, pure air, etc.

We are passionate about tree care and landscape management. Since 1995, we have offered exceptional tree services in The Woodlands TX.

Your trees and your property need delicate care. Thus, you need trusted tree care professionals to deliver tree trimming, tree removal, and tree stump removal services safely, promptly & affordable.

Here is where you should call JNE Tree Services:

Our arborists have the right tools, equipment & knowledge to offer low-cost tree services.

Besides keeping good prices, every day we work relentlessly to deliver the most effective results.

Enjoy the Green Magic of Your Tree

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Beautify Your Landscape & Improve Your Quality of Life by Getting Our Tree Services in The Woodlands TX

You might say that we are exaggerating claiming such huge benefits about our tree care services, but we aren’t.

Indeed, your tree can easily be the focal point of your yard. They beautify any landscape with colorful foliage and flowers.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll be one step closer to get the garden of your dreams!

You can enjoy spending time or playing with your loved ones beneath the delightful and fresh shade of your beloved tree.

Since your tree is such an essential element of your landscape, you better provide the best care to it by getting our top-notch tree services in The Woodlands TX.

Tree Trimming Boost Your Tree Health and Your Landscape Overall Safety & Beauty

Achieve a Beautiful Landscape Getting Our Tree Services in The Woodlands TXFor regular care, tree trimming is the right choice. But remember that your tree is delicate and your home & property also need care.

With that been said, we advise you to hire a trusted tree trimming company to keep your tree always looking awesome.

Here at JNE Tree Services, we have more than 24 years delivering top quality tree services in The Woodlands TX.

So, by choosing us, your tree will always stay healthy and neat, making you enjoy all of its benefits.

So, below we’ll mention some of the benefits of getting our tree trimming services.

1.      Beautify Your Yard by Keeping Your Trees Trimmed!

Are tree branches hanging over your house roof? Is your tree leaving all types of debris on your lawn or even worse your gutters?

Well, with our trimming services you’ll give your tree a whole new look. Besides, you’ll reduce the amount of debris your tree produces, keeping your property clean.

Learn Why Late Winter Tree Trimming Is a Good Idea!

2.      Boost the Orderly Growth of Your Tree

By cutting off dead limbs or removing sections of your tree, we make sure to boost the growth of new and healthy branches.

Also, it has been discovered that using proper trimming techniques makes the tree roots stronger.

So, it means that your trees will be healthier when getting our tree services in The Woodlands TX.

As a result, they can hold up better in a storm [Never Compromising Your Home Safety].

3.      We Remove Dangerous Branches

By far, this is the most crucial reason to hire a tree trimming company.

Beware of dead branches because they can fall at any time. These branches will fall very easily during high winds or a severe storm. Other hazardous branches that we eliminate include the ones hanging over your house roof and growing into power lines.

4.      We’ll Spot and Treat Disease Early on with Our Trimming Services

Trees are not indestructible. They contract diseases. So, as tree experts, we’ll spot and treat any disease, preventing it from spreading.

In this way, we’ll preserve the overall health of your landscape.

5.      Make Your Neighbors Admire the Beauty of Your Tree and Landscape

When working for you, we make sure to add to the curb appeal of your property.

Do you want your neighbors to become jealous of the beauty of your tree and landscape?

By setting the example, your neighbors will probably follow, improving the curb appeal of their properties.

So, in the end, if more of your neighbors follow your example, your neighborhood will increase in value and in quality of life.

We are good tree trimmers. We know how to treat your trees. When trimming your trees, we’ll take our time to ensure the job is done well with no damages to your tree, lawn, or home whatsoever.

Safety, Safety & Safety. Book Your Emergency Tree Removal in The Woodlands TX Now!

Two Workers Removing Big Pine Tree from Residential Area—The Woodlands TX

That’s absolutely right. Sometimes your tree can become a threat to your home safety.

Of course, you need to know how to spot the red flags that your tree needs removal. Knowing this can save even your life.

Obvious Reasons When We Recommend that You Remove Your Tree:

  • The tree is dead
  • The tree was heavily damaged in a storm
  • The tree is growing too close to your roof or power lines
  • The tree is leaning in a dangerous direction

These Are the Not So Obvious Reasons!

Moreover, there are other reasons that one should remove a tree, though they are not as evident. For instance:

  • The tree has a bad crotch
  • There are cracks in the main trunk
  • There is a disease or insect infestation
  • Your tree is too large for the space that it is in
  • Interior decay

Never Try to Do Tree Removal on Your Own. It’s TOO DANGEROUS. Call Professionals Instead!

Wood Shredder Chipper Machine Used for Tree Removal ServiceWhenever you need tree cutting services near Houston TX, you always have to call JNE Tree Services to do it correctly.

So why hire a professional instead of DIY and “saving some money”?

You must bear in mind that this kind of job is not for everyone. This is a risky job that needs high-level of precision and the right equipment to cut and dispose of the tree.

Also, it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to cut down a tree without harming yourself or other people, not even mentioning your loved ones.

It takes a look of practice to cut down a tree without destroying your home or lawn.

And here at JNE Tree Services, we have all of that. We have 24+ years delivering first-rate tree services in The Woodlands TX.

So, we have the right tools & equipment, and most importantly, the ideal arborists that know how valuable your landscape and property are.

We can help you with all types of tree removal including small tree, big tree & palm tree removals.

So, our best advice is this:

Be Safe, Hire Expert Tree Removers.

Call at (832) 545-6086 to Book Your Appointment!

Safety Awaits You! Our Tree Stump Removal Will Make Your Yard Trip-Free!

Tree Stump on Green Grass in the Garden. JNE Tree Services Removes ThemOur stump removal services, as well as our tree removal, is all about safety.

Our tree trimming service is also about safety but to a lesser degree.

When it comes to old tree stumps, not only are they unsightly but they are extremely dangerous for people and plants.

But you can have peace of mind since JNE Tree Services is the right company to help you.

We have the best stump grinders and the ideal crew to operate them, removing even the deepest roots.

So, What’s Wrong with Tree Stumps?

1.      Tree Stumps Can Be Hazardous to Your Friends or Family

A tree stump can create a serious tripping hazard.

If your friends and family are walking or playing in the yard, they may not see the tree stump which may cause them to trip and fall. This can cause minor bruises to even cause serious bodily injuries like broken legs or hands.

Quick Legal Take:

“If someone who is visiting you were to trip over the tree stump, then you or your homeowner’s insurance would be liable to cover all their medical costs as well as for pain and suffering.”

This could be a huge expense and headache for you. You’ll be so much better off getting our tree services in The Woodlands TX.


2.      Tree Stumps Can Give Place to Sprout Growth

Sprouts are common in some tree species. Lots of tiny, unwanted sprouts could grow from the stump, making it unattractive and a waste of the valuable nutrients of your yard.

3.      Tree Stumps Make Mowing Harder and Costly!

If you’re the one that likes to mow the lawn on a weekend morning, then clearing the yard from tree stumps is a priority.

Tree stumps will cause you extra work when you are mowing the lawn. As you are mowing the lawn, you will have to ensure that you maneuver around the tree stump.

As you know, lawnmowers aren’t cheap, and hitting a stump with your lawnmower can completely destroy it.

So, it’ll be cheaper for you and less frustrating to get stump removal services from a tree care company like JNE Tree Services!

Also, since it would be impossible to perfectly mow the area, you’ll then need to use a weed eater to cut the grass you cannot reach close to the tree stump.

So, there is no question that you’ll be so much better off removing your tree stump. Our tree services in The Woodlands TX is the perfect decision to make your yard beautiful, healthy & safe.

3.      We’ll Eliminate Stumps Alongside with the Threats of Insect Infestation

That’s absolutely right! The decaying wood of tree stumps is the ideal nest for pests such as wood borers, termites, beetles, and carpenter ants.

Leaving a tree stump is an invitation for all these pests to enter your yard and eventually invade your healthy plants.

Of course, you won’t care if they destroy a dead tree stump only, but if this is close to your home, then this is not good since it can cause a lot of costly home repairs.

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We were established in 1995, and since then, we have provided affordable, prompt & efficient tree services in The Woodlands TX.

When it comes to tree maintenance and care, there is no better team than us.

We offer everything from tree trimming and tree removal to stump grinding services.

So, there is no question that all your tree care needs will be met by our expert arborists.

Well, we already wrote everything that makes our tree services in The Woodlands TX something special.

We can’t oversell them anymore.

So, this is the last time we’re telling you: “Call Us to Get First-Rate, Low-Cost, Prompt, Efficient & Safe Tree Services in The Woodlands TX.”

Good luck to you. And we’re looking forward to working together.