Without doubts, a landscape with green and healthy trees is the most beautiful one. Trees are beyond amazing since they provide shade, fruits, cleaner and fresher air all day long. Of course, healthy trees don’t fall from the skies. Instead, to have a beautiful and robust tree, you must give it some care. Thus, today, we’ll talk about the proper tree care steps we as experts recommend.

Top 4 Proper Tree Care Steps that Will Keep Your Tree Healthy

Here you’ll get the best advice from an expert in the tree service industry.

1.     Keep the Tree Stump Area Clean

That’s correct. To have a healthy, fertile, and sturdy tree, you should keep the tree stump clean.

Don’t worry. This is not a difficult thing do. You need to pick up or rake all debris around the tree stump. For instance, you should remove fallen/rotten fruits, dead branches, leaves, and twigs.

This is one of the best tips for proper spring tree care because by keeping the stump free of debris, you make sure to avoid fungal diseases.

2.    Mulching Looks Great and Keeps Your Tree Healthy!

One of the proper tree care steps is mulching your tree. To mulch your tree is essential because it helps to retains moisture in your soil. But that is not all. It also helps by inhibiting weed growth.

If you want to have a strong, beautiful, and healthy tree, we highly recommend that you keep your tree stump free of debris and weed. Then, you can cover it up with some nutritious and nice-looking mulch!

Mulching Looks Great and Keeps Your Tree Healthy

3.    Water Your Trees During the Hot Summer

During summer, your trees undergo one of the driest periods of the year. So, this is the ideal time to start watering them, especially if you have a sandy or lousy soil.

You might be planning to go swimming in the beach or pool during summer. But please don’t forget about your tree.

Instead, we recommend that you water your tree at least twice a week. In this way, neither you or your tree will lack water during the hot summer.

4.   Last But Not Least. Fertilize Your Trees!

You can fertilize your trees at any time of the year. But if you are going to do it in the hot, dry conditions of the summer, it is essential to provide water for the tree soon after fertilizer is applied. The reason for doing this is to avoid that salts from the fertilizer build up and damage the tree’s root system.

You Can Fertilize Any Time of the Year

Without doubts, if you provide the right amount of water, nutrients, your tree will show you how thankful it is.

So, make sure to follow our proper tree care steps for growing the most robust and most beautiful trees of the neighborhood.

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