Whenever you need tree removal in El Paso TX, you always have to call a professional to do it correctly.

Why Hiring a Professional Instead of DIY?

You must bear in mind that this kind of job is not for everyone. This is a risky job that needs high-level of precision and the right equipment to cut and dispose of the tree.

Be safe, hire experts!

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You have enjoyed the lovely shade from your tree for years, or it can even be the tree your kids enjoyed during their childhood.

Whatever the case is, the truth is that trees are part of our lives in different ways. After all, who doesn’t love having beautiful trees adorning a yard?

However, many inconveniences can result when having your trees removed.

So, we’ll love to talk about all aspects you need to consider before hiring tree removal in El Paso TX.

What Should You Expect from Our Professional Tree Removal in El Paso TX?

In the landscaping business, it’s common to find homeowners who are serious do-it-yourselfers.

This is especially true when they have the time to perform this kind of projects by themselves.

However, even protective homeowners know that hiring an expert company is the best choice when it comes to removing trees.

Here at JNE Tree Services, we are a leading tree care company in El Paso TX.

We have more than 23 years of experience in the tree care and tree removal industry.

Thus, we count with adequate tools, equipment, and the expertise most homeowners may lack .

So for this reason, you should always trust a reliable tree care company such as JNE Tree Services. Our crew will deliver high-quality tree services 100% of the time.

Adequate Tree Removal Tools and Expertise

3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is such a delicate job. That’s why you can’t just hand the job to anyone.

So, here is where the big question arises. If this is a challenging and kind of risky job if not done correctly, who should you call?

A trusted company should perform this kind of projects. In fact, by working with trusted professionals, homeowners know what they can expect.

If it’s the first time that you face the removal of one of your trees, you are in the perfect place. We will guide you through everything that professional tree removal in El Paso TX entails.

Always Hire Licensed and Insured Tree Company!

There are many people out there claiming to know what they’re doing, and the landscaping industry is not the exception.

We have seen it all. From awful tree trimming jobs to dubious tree services companies that just wanted your money, you can’t just trust every so-called expert.

Real experts in tree removal in El Paso TX know that license and proof of insurance are paramount. Thus, they will not have any problems showing them to you.

Remember; a few mistakes can make this project put your house in danger. You should pay particular attention if there are any roots near your walls.

For this reason, the license and insurance are crucial to protect your interests as a homeowner. The least you want to happen is that the tree falls over your house – or worse, over someone.

However, some of these dubious companies will tell you that they have all these documents while it’s not true.

Hire JNE Tree Services since we are a licensed and insured tree company. We are real professionals, and we’ll always protect your investment.

How Long Will the Removal Process Take ?

All Tree Removal Jobs are DifferentAs you may expect, this part is a little more complicated. Several factors will determine how much time it will take for your contractor to cut your tree.

Some jobs are more complicated than others. For this reason, the company that you choose may take longer depending on the diameter of the trunk, the size of the tree’s canopy, or whether or not they also will provide stump removal.

Be wary of the red flags, though! Don’t give anyone the privilege of performing your tree removal in El Paso TX if they don’t make a thorough inspection first.

After all, no one can work with something unseen. Therefore, if someone wants to provide this type of service without understanding the job first, it’s time to walk away.

Estimate the Factors that Affect the Price!

Professionals can provide you with an estimate of how much money it will cost you to remove your tree.

Again, different factors determine the price just like they do with the time that the project takes.

However, it is essential that you get everything they will do for you in a written contract.

In this way, you won’t get any unpleasant surprises after the job is done. Among the reasons why the price of tree removal in El Paso TX may change, we have:

  • The number of trees that the company will remove
  • The size of the tree (diameter of canopy and height)
  • The width of the trunk
  • Emergency tree removal in El Paso TX
  • The weather conditions
  • Whether you want the tree stump removed or not
  • The hauling of the lumber

As you can see, the costs vary for many reasons. That’s why it is always more recommendable to hire a local tree service company.

Remember; you need to know what’s included before letting them start. After all, it is your house and your money that we are talking.

Some people want to take advantage of your needs, so the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean the finest service. Sometimes, it is better to invest a little more, especially if the job is delicate.

Remember that removing a tree involves letting heavy branches fall or cutting roots that may have started to affect your house foundations.

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