We’ve always been one with trees. We’ve always benefited from them. Now, it’s the time that we take care of them. And there is no better way than by hiring services of tree fertilizing in San Antonio TX.

We all love trees. And there is nothing like having a neat, vibrant, and healthy tree beautifying your yard.

As you know, trees are the most unselfish living things. Indeed, trees make the life of humans and animals better.

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You might have your tree to increase the aesthetic appeal of your yard and property. Trees also clean the air, and they help to keep a cool temperature in cities.

We all love to talk or play with loved ones beneath the delightful and fresh shade of a tree.

We all have eaten delicious fruits from our yard trees, at least once.

Have you ever taken a nap in a hammock beneath the relaxing shade of a tree? If you haven’t, it’s time you try this!

So, it’s clear that trees offer plenty of benefits. They cleanse the air, absorb noise and pollution, provide shade, provide fruits, beautify your yard, cool the city, and make everybody relaxed and happy!

Here at JNE Tree Services, we have vast expertise in tree care services. And tree fertilizing in San Antonio TX is part of our expertise.

We were established in 1995, and since then, we have provided the best tree care in San Antonio TX.

As a professional arborist, we are highly knowledgeable in arboriculture. So, this means that we know the proper way to take care of your trees.

In fact, we evaluate every aspect of your tree health; we make recommendations for its proper care, and keep your tree healthy and thriving for years to come.

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Why Should You Get Tree Fertilizing in San Antonio TX?

In the forest, nature provides trees all the nutrients and everything they need to grow healthy and majestic.

But that doesn’t happen in urban landscapes.

Unlike in forest, in urban landscapes, trees are deprived of nutrients gotten from decaying matter like leaves, twigs, and animal wastes.

Another reason for fertilizing a tree is that in urban landscapes there is a lack of diverse insect and microorganism population, which are the ones that accelerate matter decomposition and provide nutrients.

So, you can provide all those nutrients through tree fertilizing in San Antonio TX.

How You Benefit Your Trees and Landscape Through Proper Fertilizing?

1.     You Can Provide the Ideal Nutrients to Your Plants

JNE Tree Services: Provide the Ideal Nutrients to Your Trees

Plants don’t magically grow into green, vibrant, and healthy trees. They need proper nutrients to thrive.

As experts in arboriculture, we must assess the strengths and challenges that your soil has.

So, we evaluate what its pH is, what its common nutrients are, and what is it lacking!

After knowing what your soil lacks in nutrients, we recommend the proper fertilizer to your trees. As tree care experts, we also know when to fertilize to get better results.

Using the ideal tree fertilizer, you’ll make sure your plants get all macro and micronutrients they need.

With our tree fertilizing in San Antonio TX, your trees will get nutrients like:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Zinc

2.     You Make Your Trees Stronger to Pests & Infections!

Providing proper fertilization in plants turns them into real fighters!

Fertilization helps to prevent tree diseases.

In fact, a healthy, vigorous tree is much less vulnerable to pests, insect infections, and inclement weather.

Fertilization helps trees that are sick to fight and recover faster from an infection.

Thus, the best you can do for your tree is to give it a helping hand by getting trusted tree fertilizing in San Antonio TX.

Your tree will thank you. As a result, it will beautify your yard, clean the air, make everybody happy, etc. In fact, a healthy tree makes everyone life better.

3.     You Help to Reduce Tree Stress

What? Did somebody say tree stress? That’s right. Trees like all living things suffer from stress.

For instance, factors like air pollution, fungi, bacteria, poor drainage, and pest can inhibit the healthy growth of your tree.

Other factors of stress can be improper planting and tree trimming, too much water or too little water.

Thus, it’s necessary that you help your trees through fertilization. It’s proven that fertilization increases your tree’s strength, thus reducing its stress.

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We were established in 1995, and since then we have provided affordable tree services.

When it comes to tree maintenance, there is no better team than ours. We offer everything that includes tree care from tree fertilizing, tree trimming to tree removal. Thus, your entire tree needs will be meet by our team of arborists.

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